I am Cecile alias Cici The Wine Lady, French Lady, founder of Easy Bacchus.

I am passionate about wine. But wine is quiet complicated, right?


When I was 15, I entered to the Paris famous Hospitality School.

I discovered the fantastic world of wine and literally felt in love with.

I love wine as for me it is a human product that evolves with time.

No one can’t master of wine, there is always so much to learn and be surprised about. However, I much disliked the way wine was taught, complex, elitist etc.

But wine is about conviviality and social life! We consume wine with friends, at restaurants, to pair with dinner, over parties, celebrations, with our love or just alone after a long day of work…

I continued my international journey in hospitality management working in marketing, finance and business strategy in famous hotels and restaurants, after a Degree at Institut Paul Bocuse and MBA at ESSEC Business school

During all that time,  I always kept some idea in mind to market wine more accessible.


From virtual tables with RFID tag to our smart wine labels, I always got idea and strong desire to lead new wine experience, more easy & fun! I was looking to US market, then China!

China is booming becoming soon the 2nd wine market worldwide but consumers are totally neophyte but interested to discover more to select their wine, tast eand enjoy. China market is totally different  the west, in terms of habits, with high smartphone usage adoption, online purchase, early adopters customer and eager of new technologies so it requires to adapt to market constantly.

I ended up focusing on China market and landed more than 3 years back in China, Shenzhen, the Sillicon valley of hardware, young and vibrant city.

I produced and launched there our innovative multisensory smart wine labels to ease wine selection. It ended up to be also perfect for wine events…

Got to be called, Cici The Wine Lady (希希葡萄酒小姐姐), I offer unique wine events for more than one year all over in China and now France too.

I developed unique wine education, easy & fun based on images, games & interactivity, all easy & fun dedicated to corporates (team building, VIP event) as individuals.

Today I also help wine brand China- HK development, online and offline.

Some awesome wine experiences are also coming up with a 360 wine experience, augmented reality and much more.

Stay tuned!


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