The Wine Lady

Cici, The Wine Lady is the Founder of Easy Bacchus and comes from France, Paris new_drapeau_FR

She worked for many years in famous hotels across different countries and she loves travelling and discovering new cultures and people !

She is graduated from the ”Ecole Hotelière de Paris”  and the ”Institut Paul Bocuse school” (Hospitality, cooking, wine & service school)  and holds a specialized MBA from the prestigious ”Essec Business School” in Paris, France.

Most importantly, she is passionate about wine since her childhood and her DREAM is to make wine easy & fun for YOU !!


Need to organize a perfect event?

The Wine Lady is here to help you providing special WINE EVENTS, educating about wine, all easy & fun.

Thematic event on demand: wine & chocolate, world of wines, organic & biodynamic wines etc.

1/ CORPORATES (team building, VIP event, product launch…)

2/ INDIVIDUALS (wine dinner, party…)

3/ WINE BRANDS (Brand Ambassador, professional trainings …).

The Wine Lady is also here to help brands in their development development assisting on your marketing strategy, online communication & promotion.

Contact The Wine Lady to book your next unique wine experience or speak abour your brand developement!

Optimal conditions
Here are a few tips to better taste & enjoy your wine better !
Check the best temperature to enjoy your wine with !
 Sparkling wines 6 – 8°C : time to prepare a nice dinner! (leave the bottle 3 hours in the part upper of the fridge)
 Rose wines 8 – 10°C : time to prepare a dinner! (leave the bottle 2 hours in the part upper of the fridge)
 White wines 10-12°C : time to prepare a quick dinner! (leave the bottle 1 hour in the part upper of the fridge)
 Light – Medium red wines 13-15 °C : almost ready! (leave the bottle 20 minutes in the down part of the fridge)

Strong wines 16-15 °C : relax & enjoy! (leave the bottle 10 minutes in the down part of the fridge – if needed)


If possible get an “INAO” a glass, or any wine glass with tulip shape: a large base and thinner borders on the top will allow you to get a better scent of your wine’s flavors ! 
Avoid cooking or strong smells, noisy rooms and … BE RELAXED !

new_picto_no_smell new_picto_no_noise

3 Steps of Wine Tasting
Wine tasting comprised 3 steps. As you would for a puzzle, you have to assemble each element to understand your wine.

Follow those 3 steps during your wine tasting and do not worry, nothing is complex, it’s just easy & fun ! 

new_picto_look 1. LOOK

Take your glass from the down part, tilt it slightly and LOOK, easy & fun !

Tipsuse a white napkin or even your white t-shirt to have a better glimpse at the wine’s color.


There are many different colors tones, check the range of colors for red, white and rose wines!  Color is always darker when the wine is young and lighter when it ages.

Color can change depending on its region, variety of grape, soil, wine makingprocess, age of wine…

TipsSparking wines also have different colors tones from light to dark. Check the size of the bubbles: the thinner they are, the better the quality is!


This is the thin color on the side of the glass edge. For white and rose wine, wine hint becomes darker with age. For red wines, it becomes lighter with age.REFLETS-20


Is the wine clear, with no pieces of particles inside? This is a sign of quality!

Tips: A few particles are ok in old wines, or also organic or non filtered ones.

Vertical mark

After having tilted your glass a little, if you see transparent traces inside the glass, then you have found the wine “legs” ! It shows mostly the alcohol contained into the wine !  The slower the traces come down, the more alcohol it has.

new_picto_sniff 2. SNIFF
First we tip a little the glass and smell into the glass. You will smell some aromas.

Now, swirl slightly your glass counter clock wise and SNIFF, easy & fun !

Tips: An easier way is to swirl directly your glass over the table.

Close your eyes, do you recognize some flavors? Congratulations!

 Tips: Pause for minute, then swirl your glass again : flavors will come to YOU with more intensity !

Flavors categories

There are so many wine flavors, over 700 as per our expert ! We can be grouped into categories, such as:

new_flavor_fruit fruits: fresh and dry fruits

new_flavor_fleur flowers: acacia, chamomile, white flowers, rose, violet…

new_flavor_spice spices: pepper, thyme, laurel, coriander, cinnamon, vanilla…

new_flavor_vegetal vegetal: mushroom, tobacco, undergrowth, truffle…

new_flavor_boise roasted: coffee, toffee, cocoa, liquorice, grilled, smoked…

new_flavor_wood woody: cedar, oak, bark, resin…

new_flavor_animal animal: leather, musk…

new_flavor_other others: honey, cream, butter, wax, mineral…


You will smell each after one different kind of aromas:

1. Primary aromas come from the variety of grape: fresh fruits, flower, spices…

2. Secondary aromas depend on the winemaking process: others…

3. Tertiary aromas derive from the age of the wine and the time spent in a barrel: dry fruits, spices, roasted, woody, vegetal, animal…

Bad smell

You can sometimes encounter some a bad smell: rotten egg, cork, gas, sulphur… This often due to a flaw with the bottle… leave it for 10 minutes. Smell it again and if it persists, pick another Easy Bacchus bottle ! 


new_picto_taste 3. TASTE & ENJOY
At last, open your mouth, sip a bit of wine while letting some oxygen in to better TASTE & ENJOY, easy & fun !

Tips: roll up your wine under your tongue and make it roll inside your mouth

 You will recognize the flavors that you sniffed and identify new ones…

 Tips: Breathe to feel the flavors better!


Your tongue is powerful and will enable you to experience different feelings: first sweet, then salt, sour and finally bitter.

 Tips: Make your wine swirl all over your mouth and feel it !

Which taste lasts in your mouth?
Are you enjoying your wine? Trust yourself, and do not forget, TASTE & ENJOY, easy and fun !
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Easy Cheers !

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